Alan Gates. Unethical. Uninterested. UnChristian.

Bishop Alan Gates, trailer park trashAlan Gates is the Episcopal bishop of Massachusetts. He’s also an unethical scumbag.

In 2021, Gates became involved in a Title IV clergy disciplinary case I filed against perjuring priest Bob Malm, who had filed a false police report against me, claiming I had threatened and stalked him. Moreover, Malm obtained a harassment prevention order based on perjurious testimony.

I promptly complained to the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts, which blew me off.

Not only it did say my only option was to go to court, the diocese assigned Malm to a second interim assignment, this time to St. Peter’s Episcopal in Bourne. The latter is a small church located near the Cape Cod canal, and is dying after years of feckless indifference.

In order to brush me off, however, the diocese by definition had to obtain Gates’ approval. 

That begs the question: If you are the victim of clergy sexual abuse, is Gates going to brush you off and tell you to go to court? Apparently so.

What’s particularly ugly about the situation is that Malm’s perjury is facially obvious. He claimed, as the basis for his claim that my mother’s blog was actually mine, that she contacted him repeatedly. Later, he lied in court, saying that he “didn’t even know [Mom’s] name.” Yet his perjury expressly referenced Mom by name. Moreover, Mom had filed a disciplinary complaint against perjuring priest Bob Malm—so are we really to believe he didn’t know her name?

Any bishop who brushes off this sort of behavior is ethical trailer park trash. Gates is a disgusting, disgraceful embarrassment to the Christian faith, and a perfect example of why the Episcopal church is dying. 

Bishop Alan Gates. Total trash.

Check out SNAP’s press release calling for an investigation into Malm: